About LNN

The Leaders Network in the Nordic countries (LNN) was established in Oslo 5th December 1998. LNN has organized nine management conferences so far: Malmø 2000, Oslo 2002, Copenhagen 2004, Reykjavík 2006, Stockholm 2008, Tórshavn 2010, Stavanger 2012, Reykjavík 2016 and Copenhagen 2018. The next conference will be held in the Faroe Islands on May 30th and 31st, 2024. 2026 will be held in Sweden.

The network (LNN) consist of the following Nordic associations:

  • Danish of Leading Nurses
  • The Faroese Nursing Association Group for Managers
  • Chapter of executives, managers and leaders within the Icelandic Nurse’s Association
  • The Norwegian Nurses Organisation (NNO) Group of Managers/Leaders
  • The Swedish Associations Group of Managers and Leaders in Health and Social Care
  • Tehy – The Union of Health and Social Care Professionals in Finland

The purpose of LNN

Network for members of the mentioned associations with management as a profession

Exchange of knowledge, competence, and experiences within the fields of organization and leadership

Professional and personal development

Increase awareness of the healthcare organizations in the Nordic countries

Organize a Nordic leadership congress in every second year

Organize network meetings for each countries board every second year